Pull & Repulsion

Debut Album

*** OUT May 17th via Polderrecords ***

In total seven songs were recorded at ICP studios in Brussels by Stephen van Haestregt.

The album was mixed by Matthijs Kievit, mastered by Pieter Kloos, and will be released May 17th via Polderrecords.

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Full songs

For their debut album Pull & Repulsion, MOULD explores different facets of duality. This is reflected in their music, their lyrics, their artwork, and their logo.

There is but a fine line that separates the world as we see it that lies above the surface from what’s below. Just a flicker of an eye to turn what we think is real into a distorted reflection. And although some of these reflections might scare us, we need those perspectives and all our senses as well to understand our surroundings.

This album is a celebration of embracing both what attracts and what repulses us.

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Photo by Gijs Kamphuis

“These forests of fear is where we belong”


Artwork – Michelle Dieleman

Graphical design – Koen van Soelen

“Kiss the skies, obey the storm,

Believe your lies, and be forever lost”


MOULD is a droning low-tuned five-piece from the Netherlands, merging sonic doom (Windhand) and epic sludge (YOB, Neurosis, Thou). The blend of their guitar-heavy sound with atypical/clean female and male vocals gives their music a unique sound. Call it heavy with a sparkle, massive but open, gorgeously sludgy.

Although conceived earlier by guitarists Mark de Smit and Jeska Buhmann, MOULD evolved into a full-blown guitar driven, live-playing band in 2021. After a series of live performances, their focus in 2023 was on finalizing their debut album Pull & Repulsion. Each composition portrays its own sliding landscape, evoking oppressive and absorbing atmospheres. MOULD is impatiently anticipating sharing their energy and music with devotees of slow heaviness.


Jeska Buhmann – vocals & guitar
Mark de Smit – guitar
Juriën Quaars – guitar
Koen van Soelen – bass & vocals
Rob Dekker – drums


Sonic doom and epic sludge


Windhand, Neurosis, YOB, Cult of Luna, Thou